Definition of Racing


Experience From - Coach Weber ,

Coach Weber

Here are some interesting thoughts about running and racing listed in a Running Logbook put together by the great runner and coach, Koos Sutherland:

My definition of 'racing' is 'running to total exhaustion'. It is how Tim Noakes uses the term: p.189 of the Lore of Running: "By *racing* I mean running to total exhaustion."

  1. A runner who wants to race has to race. It's both a psychological urge and a physical necessity.

  2. There's no better way to get in speed work than running a race. You never really reach the pain barrier, or whatever you call it, in any other way than running the race and hurting that way.

  3. Being at the absolute peak is just one step from losing it all.

  4. Too many races can add up to bad racing in the long run. And, a bad race can be a good early warning of trouble, begging to be corrected before it multiplies.

  5. Race seldom, but regularly and well.

  6. Race within trained capacity.

  7. Don't fight nature. Don't race when tired or sore. If you're that way before the start, think what the hard kilometers are going to do later.

  8. When you're racing hard, you can't train hard.

  9. There's no substitute for racing as a sharpener.

  10. Long runs are an important step to racing goals.

  11. Too much of something leads to too much of nothing.

  12. Frank Shorter once said: " You don't run a 2:10 marathon just by 'secrets'.

  13. Top results are only reached through pain. An Olympic Gold Medal is rarely won through talent alone.

  14. The next time you run out of GAS, fill up your tank with rest.