You Know Your an Ultra Parent If...

By: Various Authors


  1. You caution your children about the hazzards of bragging about mom's latest race to their friends and neighbors. "You don''t want them to think that mommy is crazy, do you?"

  2. Your 4 year old insists that the distance of his latest "kids" race was a 100 miler.

  3. When you announce that the family is going on a hike, the kids show up with full fanny packs, water bottles, power bars and flashlights.

  4. Your kids have a "favorite" power bar flavor and electrolyte drink.

  5. You have strapped your child into a baby jogger for over 4 hours.

  6. You have dragged your child to an ultra when you know you shouldn't have. "It looked like he could be coming down with the chicken pox, but we already drove 400 miles!"

  7. You have your children in training to work up to biking 20-30 miles, so you can do your long runs "together".

  8. Your children can be overheard cautioning their friends about the fat grams in the candy bar they just ate.

  9. Your kids decide if they want to attend your next ultra based upon the food that will be served at the aid stations.

  10. Your kids are truely disappointed at the lack of "good running food" at the local 10k. "Mom, this race is cheap!"

  11. Race directors are now adding $10 to your entry fee to cover the cost of feeding your children and emergency babysitting services.

  12. You could feel like you're at death's door, but you won't DNF in front of your kids.

  13. Your 6 year old knows the difference between a 100k and 100 miler.

  14. Whenever you anounce an exciting family vacation, the first question is "Where is the race?"