Water Bottle Hand Strap


Experience From - Norm Yarger , Dan Baglione , Scott Weber ,

Norm Yarger

John Thieme wrote:

"I wondering if anyone has developed and is marketing a strap to make a 0.5 liter water bottle into a hand held. Ultimate Directions 20 oz. is just a bit to fat for my wife's hand to hold comfortably. The typical bottled water bottle fits her hand but the need to constantly grip the bottle is a pain."
I haven't tried it, but I would expect that you could use the handy man's ultimate tool, Duct Tape. By folding the center part in half, a strap could be fashioned without any sticky part exposed. Then attach both ends to the bottle with more tape and you should have the ultimate in disposable bottle straps.

Dan Baglione

If all else fails, make your own. Obtain a short piece of webbing from your local camping store. form a loop of appropriate size and sew. Secure the loop to the bottle with narrow strapping tape (stronger than duct), winding it through the loop and around the bottle at top and bottom.

Scott Weber

Team Ultrasport (my company) has been selling the "Ultrastrap", a basic, indestructible, neoprene strap for water bottles, for years to the ultra community. The Ultrastrap fits both the standard size bottles and tall bottles in either the narrow or wide mouth designs. It's a neoprene one piece, two hole strap that slips over the top and over the bottom of the bottle. It self adjusts to the hand and has no bells or whistles to add weight or break. Many racers have preferred the simplicity of this design. If you or anyone else is interested, contact me off line at my e-mail address below.