Electrolyte Tablets


Experience From - Patty "Trail Patty" Wellington, Stan Jensen, Chris Frey, Karl King, Dana Roueche, Jim Swadling, Geraldine "Lady G" Wales,

Pat "Trail Patty" Wellington

Does anyone (or Suzi T) know how Suzi T's Electrolyte Stamina Tablets compare in make up to the Country Life Electrolyte Replacer Capsules (available at General Nutrition)?

The directions for the Country Life Electrolyte Replacer advise adults to take 4 to 8 capsules before strenuous exercise.

Two capsules contain:
300 mg calcium carbonate
200 mg magnesium carbonate
150 mg sodium phosphate
99 mg potassium carbonate
10 mg zinc citrate
500 mg vitamin C (sago palm) (whatever that is!?)

Comments on comparisons to Suzi T's Electrolyte Stamina Tablets?

Stan Jensen

Subject: Trace Minerals' Electrolyte Stamina Tablets

Take four to ten tablets daily, depending on activity, divided with meals and before and after periods of physical activity. Take with large amounts of fluid. Six capsules contain:

1293 mg Chloride (from ConcenTrace and Potassium Chloride)
540 mg Potassium (from Potassium Citrate/Chloride and ConcenTrace)
400 mg Calcium (from Calcium Carbonate)
290 mg Magnesium (from ConcenTrace)
275 mg Sodium (from ConcenTrace)
135 mg Sulphate (from ConcenTrace)
1 mg Lithium (from ConcenTrace)

ConcenTrace is a trade name for concentrated sea minerals from the Great Salt Lake.

Dana Roueche

I recently obtained a package of Karl King's SUCCEED| Electrolyte caps. This Saturday I woke up to run my usual 14 miler and noticed that I was dry and seemed somewhat dehydrated. Possibly from a long weight lifting session the night before and the dry air in Colorado. I went out on my run with water and noticed I didn't drink much in spite of knowing I was short on fluids. At home, plain water seemed bland to me and I still didn't have a desire to drink much. I got on the scale and realized I was 5 pounds under my normal weight.

This was enough to be detained at Western States. I felt sluggish and somewhat achy, all of the classic symptoms of being dehydrated. Since my desire wasn't there to drink water, my guess was that my electrolytes where low as well and my body was guarding against hyponatremia.

At this point I thought, now is the time to test the electrolyte caps, under real conditions. I took two with water. My desire to drink water quickly returned in a BIG way, call me Flipper. An hour after taking the caps and drinking to keep up with my thirst, I weighed myself and had regained the 5 pounds. I felt great and the achiness had gone away. What was interesting is my upper body soreness from heavy lifting also improved considerably. I actually went from not feeling well to wanting to go for another run. Wow.

In the past I have made my own caps out a mix of Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride. They have worked well for me but not nearly as well as the buffered salts that Karl has included in the SUCCEED| caps. Just think, for those of you who take your shoes off before getting on the scales at the 100 milers, with these caps, you never have to worry about being down on weight during the run. Not to mention how good they keep you feeling in general as well as your muscles. Your performance will improve with these.

It makes no sense for anyone not to try this product. It is very inexpensive, you can order them from Ultra*Fit, Kevin Setnes has an add in Ultrarunning with the price and address. I'm sure after trying these caps, you will leave the rock salt for your driveway and margarita's.

If the members of the lists don't mind, I'd like to invite Karl to explain how the buffered salts work and how they can benefit us. I'm sure Karl has kept a low profile because he doesn't want to be accused of trying to sell something on the list. If you agree, please send a note to the list, encouraging Karl to pipe in about electrolytes.

This is not about selling, Karl and Kevin are not charging enough to take advantage, this is about providing a great solution to a big and serious problem that we all have as ultra runners. Heck, the caps come in a zip lock bag to minimize the already low cost.

Jim Swadling

Subject: Salt Tablet Substitute?

I couldn't buy the salt tablets I usually take while I was in New Zealand recently. The closest I could get was something called "Blackmores Celloid Mineral Sodium Compound". I wonder if anyone could comment on the content, and how these compare with normal salt tabs:

Sodium Phosphate - 200mg
Sodium Sulfate - 200mg
Potassium Chloride - 25mg
In a base of lactose, fructose, gluten-free wheat starch, magnesium stearate, soy fibre and microcrystalline cellulose.

To be cautious I took only 2 over the course of a 6 hour race - no cramp or other low-sodium symptoms, so I guess it was ok. Any comments welcomed.

Geraldine "Lady G" Wales

Last week I parted with $9.95 of my money for 100 capsules of Karl King's new buffered electrolyte caps. They arrived today. It looks like they are produced by Succeed Sports drink, Inc. The only disappointment is that they did not come in a bottle. They arrived in a baggie type container. Oh well, as long as they work. Per the directions they contain 344 mg. of sodium and 21 mg. of potassium. For heavy sweating they suggest 2 caps every hour, for moderate sweating 1 cap per 2 hours, and cool weather or light sweating they suggest 1 cap every 2 hours. The directions definitely call for them to be taken with water not dry.