Cracked Feet


Experience From - Dale, Rich Schick, John Vonhof, Chris Scott, Liz Knight


Robert Clementz wrote:

"Does anyone have some remedies for cracking soles and/or athlete's foot? The biggest problem is between my toes and the balls of both feet."
Try soaking your feet in some kind of astringent solution. I have used a product called Domboro which helps me tremendously. You can get it at any drug store. The powder comes in packets and is kind of expensive, but worth it.

You might want to try to find the reason for the cracking. In my case, I would get a terrible case after a run involving stream crossings and watery trails. I found out the cushioned insoles I was wearing was acting like a sponge, holding in the water and giving me a good case of immersion foot (as well as a good case of blisters). Once I figured that out, I threw out the insoles and haven't had a case since.

Rich Schick

Robert, Sounds like you have a variant of athlete's foot called Tinea Rubrum, a non medical term is "moccasin foot". Until recently there weren't any effective topical treatments. Now there is a prescription product called "Spectrazole cream" that is very effective in eliminating this little pest.

John Vonhof

For cracked skin contact Home Health Products at 800-284-9123 and ask for a catalogue. They offer several creams/lotions, 1) Total Foot Recovery and 2) Callus Treatment Cream. Your local pharmacy should be able to show you the latest in athlete's foot treatments.

Chris Scott

Try using udder (bag) balm on the feet to help prevent blisters. It's been suggested buying it in farm/dairy stores. Guess what? It's easier than that if you have a nearby Walmart. Found it in my local store today in the pet department. It was $4.44 for a 10-ounce metal container of the stuff.

You can also get it at most fabric stores. Bought my last can for under $3.00. It's also good to use the stuff between runs, as it does have some healing effect (or at least it seems so). I'll put some on my more cracked spots, put on some socks for the evening, and by morning, the foot's a "softer and gentler" place to be. Sorry, George, for poetic license...

Liz Knight

I often get cracked heels through out the course of the year's running routine. It is especially painful in the summer, when I tend to go sockless as well as wearing sandals. A pedicurist told me that the heel cracks were a result of callous build up. Short of having a pedicure to scrape away the calluses (GOD FORBID!!!!), I was desperate to find a remedy.

Along came SuperGlue. I actually glue my heel cracks back together. It works! It's medically OK. I know because a few months ago I was in the ER getting a cut hand taken care of when the ER doc pulled out his SuperGlue to use on my hand rather than stitch me up.

SuperGlue allows the deep cracks to heal and eliminates the pain caused by the cracks.