The UltRunR website goal is to assist both the novice and veteran ultra runner with knowledge, insight and experience.  The purpose is to provide a " How To " for ultra running.


In 1994, I read an article about the Leadville Trail 100 in a running magazine and said "I just gotta do that"! Never having run more than 7 miles at one time I embarked on training for the Leadville 100. At the time the internet was young and there was very little information. For the sake of brevity... I trained with little knowledge, injured myself, recovered, realized that Leadville 100 was too much so I ran the Vermont 100 in 1996 as my first race over the distance of a 10k. At Vermont I heard about the two ultrarunning list services and a my new hobby was born... this website.

A large portion of the content comes from the Ultra and the now defunct IUS-L list service. As a subscriber to the "lists" I kept my eye out for information that I believe to be important in terms of how to prepare, run and recover from ultras. My UltRunR hobby was sidelined in 2008 as a result of personal tragedy. While most of this information here still applies a lot has been replaced by the vastness of the internet as well as published books and magazines. Ultrarunning knowledge and experience is no longer confined to the dusty unknown shelves of the "fringe" runners.


The "Who, Where and When" of Ultra's is on my pal, Stan Jensen's, site. There you'll find a seeming endless list of 100 milers and other races. He also has a ton of links to other sites that contain a vast array of knowledge. Well worth the click.

The best place to find trail races of all distances is on Ultrasignup.com.