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Jim Stroup

I see frequent references to ibuprofen and ultras here. In fact I have heard ibuprofen even refereed to as "ultra candy". My question is, am I the only person that takes naproxen sodium? If so, why is that? It works great for me. I take two before an ultra (50 miles or less) or marathon and forget about taking anything more later on. Usually I don't even take any the next day! Although I am sore and stiff and probably could use another dose. Just curious. I would like to know of other's experience with this stuff.

Rich Schick

I prefer naproxen also. I think it is a better pain reliever as well as at least as good of an Anti- Inflammatory. Its main advantage though is duration of action, 12 hours or if you can get the good stuff (Naprelan) 24 hours. This means you can dose pre and post race which is much safer for the stomach.

Jim Gann

I used naproxen at the srolling jim earlier this month. I found that it works much better for me than ibuprofen. It seems to relieve the soreness much more effectively. I did not take any of the medication during the run only after. Have also had good luck with ketoprofen.

Karl King

When naproxen became availbalbe OTC, I dropped Ibuprofen in favor of Aleve. It has worked well for me since. For Ice Age Trail 50, I took one Aleve with breakfast, and a second one about 20 minutes before the run started. That was it for the day. I like the fact that I need not take any more during a 50 mile run.

I didn't take any after the run, but waited until the next day when I had a moderate amount of delayed onset muscle soreness.

For the coming KM 100, I'll take one before the start, one at 8-9 hours and one around 18 hours.

Don Wilkison

Regarding Naproxen, I recently experienced pain in my knee(three weeks ago), on both sides and in the back. It started a couple of weeks ago after a long training run in the Western States canyons. The pain doesn't bother me during a run/race(ran Silver State 50k with no problems) but afterwards my knee hurts and there is some swelling.

Concerned about whether anything was seriously damaged, and not wanting to miss Western States, I went to my Doctor this week to be checked out. He said I had a "good case" of tendonitis, nothing serious and prescribed Naproxen 500 MG, twice a day.

I noticed immediate improvement, the pain and swelling went away and I was OK on a 15 mile training run yesterday on the trail.

My questions:

I hate to even have to take an Aspirin, let alone stronger drugs!

Rich Schick #2

In response to Dons questions:

QUESTION: Is the Naproxen (generic for Naprosyn) I am using the same as everyone is describing as over the counter?

ANSWER: Yes, and you don't have o be a math major to figure out how many Aleve to take to get thesame 500 mg dose. But if you have prescription benefits on your health insurance its cheaper to use the prescription stuff.

QUESTION: Are there any bad side affects to taking Naproxen?

ANSWER: For most people no, but it can cause stomach problems and even ulcers in some. Always take it with food, try to avoid taking it during strenuous exercise. It can also caouse kidney problems in some people. Try to stay well hydrated. If you have stomach pain, difficulty urinating, or very dark urine you should stop taking it an see an MD if the problems persist.

QUESTION: Should I even consider using Naproxen during Western States?

ANSWER: Yes, but if possible get the 24 hour version of the drug called Naprelan so you would at most only have to take one dose during the race.