Flax Oil


Experience From - Karl King

Karl King

Janet asked about fish and castor oil for stiff joints.

I have no information which says that castor oil is useful in that regard.

Omega 3 oils as found in fish and flax, on the other hand, are known to reduce inflammation by virtue of modulating production of the prostaglandins that are responsible for those effects.

Flax oil from either capsules or ground flax seed is effective. One ultra runner who has used flax for a number of years is Roy Pirrung of Sheboygan Wisconsin. Roy is a long distance specialist who has done the 155 mile Spartathlon run in Greece a number of times. Roy will run 140 mile weeks for months to prepare for such a major event. It is his experience that flax helps him avoid the inflammation which would otherwise come with such a heavy schedule.

Roy didn't discover this on his own, but was advised by Dr. Paul Stitt, President of Natural Ovens of Manitowoc, a company which makes breads, muffins, rolls, etc with an emphasis on healthy properties. Dr Stitt has studied the effects of flax in great detail and thought that Roy would benefit from it.