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Experience From - George Beinhorn,

George Beinhorn

Scott E. wrote:

I have read that the amino acid L-Carnitine may facilitate the body's use of fat as fuel. I have been using with success a powdered drink called Energy Surge, which uses this as a selling point.

Do any of you agree? If so, should I be taking L-Carnitine as a dietary supplement to get the process going? Dosage & frequency?

Any other dietary or training advice in this area?

I've used Energy Surge, and have also tried L-Carnitine pills. I found the pills gave unpleasant side effects--mental--but I tend to get those from supplements more than other people do. (?!)

Energy Surge is excellent stuff. It definitely will get you through the major bonk-points in a marathon or ultra (18-20 miles and 30-40 miles) without any slump or tummy upset.

With Energy Surge, I find it's okay in races but gets boring and unpleasant after 30-35 miles. The makers recommend mixing it with fruit juice for variety, and that might help.

I've also found with Energy Surge that it makes me feel totally spacy if I take it every day and then run afterwards. This seems to be the result of an accumulation of the stuff in my system. What works best for me is not to take any before a run, and start taking it 1 hour into the run itself.