About This Site

The goal is to assist both the novice and veteran ultra runner.

The purpose is to provide a " How To " for ultra running.

The information contained within comes from personal experience, my own and fellow ultra runners, as well as various web sites, books, magazines etc. A large portion of information is derived from the Ultra and the now defunct IUS-L list service. As a subscriber to the "lists" I keep my eye out for information that I believe to be important in terms of how to prepare, run and recover from ultras.

This is a hobby and updates are made as spare time permits. See the What's New section for updates. There are times when there won't be a whole lot of activity. This typically happens when I'm preparing for, or recovering from, a race. Check my schedule below and you can usually tell what to expect.

If you're looking for the "Who, Where and When" of ultra's then check out my pal Stan Jensen's site. There you'll find a complete listing of all 100 milers in North America and links to other sites that contain race calendars.

I'm NOT, nor do I claim to be, an authority on the sport. I'm not a coach, doctor or personal trainer. I'm just an ultra runner who is constantly trying to learn more.

Additionally the personal experiences reflect what has or has not worked and it may or may not work for you. Particular care should be exercised where an injury or medical condition is concerned. There is no better resource than experienced medical professionals.

It has been said that "ultra running is an experiment of one". Hopefully this site reflects that philosophy and attitude.